Corporate Innovation Challenge Sign-Up and Details

Our Corporate Innovation Challenge is a low-weight and low-barrier means of supercharging the innovation teams within your organization.  During this fast paced and  focussed innovation event teams will go from idea to working prototype.  Get Your Bot On! will provide all the materials, equipment and mentorship necessary while your employees work on using each team member’s skills and effectively working together to complete the challenge and build a robot.

The Corporate Innovation Challenge facilitates corporate teams in the development of critical innovation skills including effective collaboration, communication, problem solving, ideation, and prototyping. The Challenge is designed to provide company leadership with tools to engage the rest of the organization and fuel the innovation culture.

The total cost for the Corporate Innovation challenge is $2500 payable by credit card through our ticketing partner Uniiverse. This includes hackathon tickets for up to 6 participants.

You can make your payment here. You do not need to register each team member when purchasing your tickets. You can send us details later.

Please note the payment widget takes a moment to load and can be slow. If the payment widget does not appear please go directly to the Uniiverse site  here.

Please contact Adriana Ieraci in order to:

  • confirm primary contact details
  • schedule the pre-hackathon session
  • submit logos and other media assets for T-shirts, promotional and video media
  • disseminate additional tickets for the closing demo events (20 available for your team members families and other employees)


Your team will participate in the hackathon during the weekend of November 14-16, 2014. Pre-hackathon preparation is not a requirement for your participation. We will work with you to schedule and plan the following in order to meet your specific innovation goals. The Challenge includes the following additional elements.

Jump start your team with a pre-hackathon brainstorming session
(1-2 hr session at company offices if within GTA)

A facilitated session on the hackathon topic to generate ideas for the robot prototype, warm up the team and generate some discussion and engagement from the rest of the company. The team will be guided through a design process. An idea map will be created to capture the ideas and share them with the rest of the company. Team members are encouraged to solicit feedback and ideas from colleagues.  The team can explore challenges relevant to the company’s products, business, or customers or select a challenge completely outside of regular business.

Share and reflect on the hackathon experience with tailored media
(captured during the weekend)

We will capture the team’s experience and develop a media pack including a presentation, video and pictures  from pre-hackathon discussions with the team, design and prototyping activities during the hackathon, participant interviews, and  the final demonstrations. The editing team will work with you to produce media that will highlight your innovation goals. Your team’s work will be highlighted in all our outreach about the hackathon and included in the hackathon results on our site and social media. Distribution of media will depend on your goals and objectives.

Materials and resources provided for you at the event including Kit, Meals, T-shirts
(during the hackathon)

Get Your Bot On! provides all materials and technology needed to build a working prototype. Your team will receive the same kit provided to our robohacker teams. During the event mentors will be available to assist you in resolving technical challenges. Meals will be provided throughout the weekend and the team will receive t-shirts with your company logo in order to identify you as a team.


Teams will demonstrate their robot prototypes however prizes will be awarded for key innovation goals:

  • All Hands on Deck – maximum collaboration and engagement of all team members
  • Tools in the Toolbox – communication skills and effective team problem solving
  • Fail Fast and Learn From It – purposeful prototyping and experimentation of concepts

The Corporate Innovation Challenge teams will be recognized in our official launch and prize announcement press releases.

Email Adriana Ieraci at adriana at or at 416-414-9857 for more information.

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