A hackathon is an event, typically over a weekend, where creative and talented people gather to engage in some form of collaborative making. Hackathons that have participants programming new applications or software are very common. With a quick online search you’ll find all sorts of specialized events where you can make mobile apps, apps for healthcare, software for social justice, digital tools for the environment etc… Hackathons where you make a robot are more rare and hackathons which provide all the materials and equipment are difficult to come by so don’t miss out!

What do I need to participate?
You only need a laptop and even then, you may be able to smooth talk someone else at the event into working with you. We’ll be sharing tips about tools, robot ideas, and neat techniques shortly. Follow us on Twitter @GetYourBotOn or register for our mailing list to get the latest.

What skills are required to participate?
Bring your problem solving neurons, your enthusiastic energy, and maybe a little patience but otherwise we’ll have lots of help. If you are a complete newbie look for someone at our Friday networking session comfortable in at least one of electronics, microcontrollers, mechanics or software and bribe them into being your teammate. We will have mentors to help you throughout the weekend. Don’t be shy to check out your fellow hackers and find someone who complements your skills.

Can I work by myself?
You can, but you would have to bring your own kit. We would prefer that you work with at least three other people. Our kits are for teams of four registered participants, so you’ll have to provide your gear if you work on your own. We also think you will get more out of it if you work with someone else, the collaboration throughout the weekend is the best part!

What if I have an idea for a robot to build but no one to build it with?
Don’t worry! Friday night is designed for you to meet other hackers and find someone to work with. We will help with introductions and we’ll set up a networking event for everyone to meet everyone else.

How large can my team be?
We suggest a maximum of 4 people but if you find a whole posse you can’t work without then by all means, Get Your Bot On!

If I have questions whom do I get in touch with?
Contact our team at info@getyourboton.com and we’ll get back to you right away!.

Who is organizing this hackathon?
We are a group of volunteers who love Hackathons and love robotics and hardware . We are entrepreneurs, hackers, artists, and tinkerers who want  to meet other robotics hackers in the area. Of course having something cool to do on a Saturday night sounded awesome too!

Why won’t there be tickets at the door?
We would love to leave registration open until the last minute but we have to order kits in advance.

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